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The Wet Dream of Every Student

December 15, 2016

Anyone who was at some point in his life a student knows that finding time to complete all the tasks is the biggest challenge. Most students face huge load of work and anything that can help make things more efficient is most welcome. 

While roaming the Internet this week I stumbles upon a new development that amazed me. If only this had existed while I was in university I am sure my teachers were far more pleased with my performance. This development is call Scanmarker and it is the ultimate tool for article summarizing. 



Scanmarker, that had already drove students crazy all over the world, allows scanning of a typed text and turning it into a live text that can be edited with almost any application. Student can testify that summarizing tons of articles and reading-material is the hardest and most time consuming among their chores, in their very hectic life. If to be honest - this is probably why they all try to be on best terms with the class's nerd... Well, that is exactly it. No need to befriend with anyone to get summaries. This Scanmarker copies the relevant lines of text into any application or software and allows editing and creation of the perfect summary - fast and easy. Instead of wasting valuable time in typing summaries or copying books you just scan your marked content and edit it in your computer.




I tried the Scanmarker myself (it is very affordable) and I found that summarizing is only a fraction of the benefits of this tool. Students with learning disabilities, such as myself (well, nobody is perfect...), often find that hearing the text read to them out load can help them understand and remember it better. Apparently the Scanmarker can read the text that it scans out load - problem solved! I found that it can also translate the text into 40 (!) different languages. That can make any text, in any language, accessible and easier to process, and far less intimidating in terms of time and effort. 

If to be honest - I have been searching for such a tool for a long time, even in my school years. None of the products I found was as simple and as cool as the Scanmarker. No hassle, just scan the lines you need. After a few days of using this tool I decided to buy one for my younger brother as a Christmas gift. He had just started his first year in college and I have a feeling he will think very fondly of me in the coming years. 

See for your self - you can learn more about it in this link:

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