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In case you missed it - the most amazing trending videos on the web

April 19, 2017

It is not easy to keep track on everything that happens online, but we really wouldn't like you to miss out. Kind as we are we collected for you the best of the best, so you can stay up to date.

1. Puppy Skaty didn't know where his owner will take him. Once he found that they are arriving to the dog park he knew how to show his gratitude in a manner that created the most adorable viral video around the world.


credit: b3ta

2. Japanese Sky Brown is the youngest contestant in "Vans" international skateboard competition. In a clip created by "Go Pro" company she proves that you can do it like a pro even at 8 years old.



credit: kraftfuttermischwerk

3. Can you guess what happens to an iPhone when crushed by hydraulic pressure?  This guy just had to know for sure. Apple product fans - beware, this is not easy to watch.




credit: reddit

4. What happens when you melt things and zoom very close in? You get a video that you can't stop watching...


credit : langweiledich

5. young in heart grandpa from IL USA went out to see the present bought to his granddaughter, when in fact it was a present for him. His family surprised him with the Mercedes he dreamed of since he was a child.


credit: Jukin Media Verified

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