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How To Deal With Disappointment

April 24, 2017


We all experience disappointments on a daily basis, some are insignificant and pass with time and some won't go away. But how do you make peace with it and move on?

Disappointment is the gap between our expectations and reality, you know; that one dish you ordered at that restaurant expecting it to be good and it wasn't, or that breakup you went through after thinking she's the one.

I, like everyone, experienced disappointment many times, from my girlfriend, from a friend, hell, even my family let me down from time to time, but who let me down the most?

The answer is I do, because I expected certain things from my life and didn't make them happen, and that's the difference right there.

There's no real reason to feel let down by which we can't control, but if so, when is it right to be disappointed? Dumb question isn't it? It is always right. A better question would be "What could we have done differently to not feel that?"

If you didn't do everything you could have done, than your disappointment in yourself is justified.


But given that you have, you shouldn't feel like that whatsoever, just accept the fact that after a certain point, some things are just not up to you anymore and move on.

I had a conversation with a close friend the other day; we talked about life, love and disappointments.
He told me that he doesn't expect anything anymore that way he cannot be disappointed. I felt bad for him; it was like saying he has no goals in life.

The way I see it, expectations are goals, people who don't expect and don't feel disappointed can't get places, they will stay sheltered and unfulfilled their entire life. If you don't expect anything to happen and don't believe something will happen... guess what? Nothing will.

Don't fear disappointment, embrace it, it will empower you; it will teach you how to get better. Laugh and cry about how things didn't go the way they should have, but never stop believing, expecting, achieving.



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