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5 Habits that accelerate fat burning in your body

April 30, 2017


1. Drink more water, especially before every meal

Everyone knows that we need water to live. But few people realize how much we need it. The vast majority of people live in a state of mild chronic dehydration, which leads them to have low energy and gain weight. To feel better and to encourage fat loss, make the effort to drink at least two liters of water a day and drink at least one large glass of water before each meal. For this to work, you need to drink water and not soda, coffee or juice.

2. Chew your food more time

A popular theory holds that eating slowly helps people to lose weight. This is because there is a delay between the times we eat food and when those foods send a signal to our brain to reduce the feeling of hunger. This delay causes people to over-eat at the end of their meals. Experts suggest eating slowly will lead you to eat less.

A recent study in China confirms this theory; it was shown that obese men ate faster than non-obese men. They also found that men who chew each bite forty times lost 12% more fat than men who chewed each bite only fifteen times. If you want to lose weight, remember to chew every bite of food at least twenty times.

3. Go for a walk after each meal

A few years ago a friend lost 5 kilos when he started taking a short walk after every meal. At that time, I could not believe it, a walk is like not exercising at all and does not compare to a session in the gym. But I realized that I was wrong; Walking after meals really is one of those little fat loss tricks that can make a big difference.


It turns out that by performing physical activities after meal active receptors in our muscles that absorb the glucose we just ate. This prevents food from elevating our insulin levels, which prevents us from storing food in the form of fat.

4. Uses cold temperatures and fat will work for you

Not all the fats we consume are bad for our body. Most of the fat tissue is made up of white fat, which stores energy. But we also have a small amount of brown fat, which burns energy to keep the body warm. You can dramatically accelerate fat loss by exposing your body to cold temperatures; this will stimulate the growth of brown fat. There are several ways to do this, you can keep your house a bit colder or wear lighter clothes during the day. You can also drink a glass of cold water every morning and every night.

5. Take pictures of each of your meals

Most people do not need to learn more about what we should or should not eat. Actually we have a good diet; the problem is rather that we do not follow. For most people, the missing ingredient is not another food they need to add or subtract from their diet; what we need is actually awareness and responsibility to follow a good diet.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Science says taking photos of your food is several times more effective than writing a food journal. To keep ourselves accountable, we can use Instagram or Facebook and upload a photo of each of our meals, this way you surely will pay more attention in your eating habits and you will feel some pressure to eat healthier.


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