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20 weird and surprising things people do when alone

May 21, 2017

Each of us has at least one thing that we do only when we are at home, alone, and no one can see us. Here is a collection of 20 surprising things that most of us do (and some done by a few only):

1. Hear laud music and dance funny.



2. Practice monologs in front of the mirror, in preparation to an interview or things we should have said to our ex.



3. Do the above mentioned, wearing underpants.



4. Spending the whole day in underpants...



5. Urinate with the door wide open.



6. Shower with the door wide open.



7. Hate to mention those who urinate and don't flush...



8. Walk around the house in your birth suit.



9. Check yourself out in the mirror, very thoroughly.



10. And then take a selfie to see how you look in a picture.




11. Taste everything in the fridge before you decide what to eat.



12. Prepare food and pretend you are Top Chef.



13. Try all the Yoga positions you didn't have the courage to try in class.



14. Watch the first episode of "The Young and the Restless", and never admit it.



15. Try on clothes you never wore before.



16. Try out new hobbies, involving paper or toilet paper.



17. Follow Facebook profiles of people you're not in touch with, e.g. high school sweethearts.



18. Solve puzzles in the newspaper and give yourself a score.



19. Consult with your dog or cat about very important things.



20. Throw yourself on the sofa in front of the TV and get up with a strained back.



So if you too sometimes do one (or more) of these weird things - just make sure no one is watching, and share this post.

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