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Your Sleeping Position Can Say Something About Your Personality

May 28, 2017


Researchers, psychologists and sleep scientists alike have been studying popular sleep patterns to discover their true meaning. It turns out, there are 9 different sleeping positions, and each can tell a lot about the sleeper’s personality. Let’s take a look at each position, from most to least popular:


1. The Fetal Position

Those who are comfortable in this natural postition can be described as having a hard shell: tough on the outside, but a huge softy on the inside. They are typically shy when you first meet them, then tend to open up and relax quickly.


2. The Log


People who sleep like a log are known as social butterflies. Although they are friendly, carefree, and popular, these social, trusting people are known for being gullible.



3. The Yearner

People who sleep like this are a little complicated: they are open-minded, yet cynical; slow and suspicious when making a decision, but stick to it once their minds are made up.


4. The Soldier

Those who find themselves sleeping this way are typically quiet, reserved, and hold both themselves and other people to high standards and strict moral codes.


5. The Freefaller

Freefalling sleepers are bold and sociable on the outside, but typically don’t have the thick skin to deal with criticism or absurd situations.


6. The Starfish

Starfish sleepers are always eager to lend an ear or give a helping hand to their friends in need. They don’t necessarily like being the center of attention, but don’t mind if they find themselves there from time to time.

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