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What Happens To Our Body When We Stop Doing "It"?‎

May 29, 2017


What happens to our body when we stop doing "it"?


Physical weakness

People who are sexually active are less frequently sick than people who chose sexual abstinence. Studies show that the level of antibodies in the body of people who have sex on a regular basis is 30% higher than for those who have sex only occasionally.



Pleasurable sex reduces stress. This fact has to do with endorphins (the happiness hormone) that are produced in the body during sex. They positively affect our mental state. In case of endorphin deficiency, the chances of developing depression are much greater.


Sexual arousal disorders

It is hard to believe, but that is the truth. As we have sex less frequently, sex arousal becomes more difficult. When we avoid sex, our brain sends it all over our body. He convinces our body that it does not need sexual activity at all. This may also be a reason for the absence of orgasm for women: their body simply forgets the feeling.



Relationship problems

If the couple rarely makes love, emotional distance will develop as well. In many cases, sexual dissatisfaction becomes a reason for separation.


Problematic skin

During intercourse, collagen is created in the woman's body; it provides our skin with a sensation of firmness and freshness. Therefore, when we do not have sex, our skin ages more quickly and wrinkles appear.


Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual abstinence generates erectile dysfunction in men and reduces libido.


Weight Gain

When a person is in the midst of a sexual act, his/her pulse rate rises from 70 to 150 beats per minute. It turns out that when we have sex, we burn the same amount of calories as during a 15-minute run on a treadmill. Therefore, in long-term sexual abstinence, some weight gain may also be expected.



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