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May 30, 2017

Many people think that models have an easy job, and that they rely purely on being beautiful in front of the camera.

However, there are certain hidden abilities and more photogenic poses that you should know about.

We have collected a few basic tips which will improve the way you look in your photos, and will help you come out looking your best in every photo.


Correct Posture

Pull your shoulders back, straighten out your back.

If you are sitting, try turning half your body towards the camera.


Intimate Touches

Don't hide your face with your hand.  Rather, lightly touch your face, in a way that highlights your facial features.




No Elbows

Your hand always needs to be vertical without turning the elbow.  Use your hand to highlight your outstanding features.



Don't Cross Your Arms

Crossing your arms breaks the natural flow of your body.

Stand at a small angle in front of the camera, with your hands down.  This way your neck will appear long, and the outline of your body will stand out.




Chin Up

Your neck should always be visible, so try tilting your head a bit forward, a trick that will give you the illusion of having a narrow, aesthetic neck.



Avoid Draping Clothes

Clothes that are draped over your body act to cover up the contours of your body, and cause your figure to appear wider.

In order to repair the damage, place your hands on your hips, with one hand higher up than the other, and make sure your wrist is exposed.



Hand Placement

When we sit, crossing our arms creates a bad impression.

The "hourglass" figure is the recommended one: cross your legs and place your wrists on your knee, with one arm horizontal and the other vertical.



Create Visual Lines

Keep your hands away from the sides of your body, in order to highlight its natural figure.




Highlight Your Face

Making a fist is not a good idea.  An open hand, lightly touching your face, will flatter your facial outlines.



Body Facing the Camera

If you do not face the camera, you will end up with narrow, rounded looking shoulders.

The solution is to turn 3/4 of the way towards the camera, but not all the way.  This will leave your hips looking slimmer.



Change Angles

Turn your legs to the side and place one a bit higher than the other, thereby creating the illusion of having longer legs.



Combine Straight Lines With Curves

Stand half turned towards the camera, leave space between your hand and your hip, while the other hand flows naturally along your body.  This will give you an elegant look.
























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