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May 30, 2017


If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then our eyebrows are the frames for those windows.  But even a frame can reveal quite a lot about your character.  See for yourself!


Regular eyebrows

These are eyebrows of average width and placement, and reveal a conservative character and integrity.  With that, you tend to not be overly dramatic, and therefore the people around you enjoy your company.


Very long eyebrows

People with long eyebrows are capable of dealing with almost any type of pressure, and are very friendly.  These are prominent figures gifted with never ending internal resources and have a variety of occupations and hobbies.  If this is you, then you are used to solving your problems on your own, and only rarely will you need to those around you for help.


Short eyebrows

You pay attention to the smallest details and are usually convinced you are right.  You do not like listening to the claims and complaints of others – for you too sometimes find it difficult to deal with your hardships.  But nothing is impossible.


Thick eyebrows

You are sure of yourself and of your attractiveness, you easily resolve conflicts, and when it comes to achieving your goals, you simply cannot be stopped.  You do not really care about what other people think – your life is so much more important to you, and you need to live it to its fullest.  People like you are usually known as free spirits.


Thin eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are a sign of inborn sensitivity.  You will do anything to avoid conflict.  Other than that, you know how to listen and you are kind-hearted. What else can we say?


High, arched eyebrows

If your eyebrows are located up high, then you are very sensitive and picky when it comes to your friends.  At first glance people might think that you are egocentric or aloof.  But you are simply not willing to open up to someone until you can  trust them.  You also have a tendency of being a perfectionist, as well as very self-critical.



Low, arched eyebrows

A person with low, arched eyebrows can be counted on in any situation.  Usually these are easy-going people who are able to build serious and solid relationships.


Triangular eyebrows

Sharp eyebrows such as these indicate a person who does everything in a frenzy – you analyze a situation very quickly and immediately come to a decision.  Sometimes this ends up badly, but this type of spontaneity also has its advantages – you are never bored.  You have leadership qualities from birth, you are an inspiration to others and you are not afraid to take responsibility for yourself.


Rounded eyebrows

These are the eyebrows of a good person who looks out for others.  You are always inclined to help the needy and you would never leave them on their own.


Nearly straight eyebrows

Eyebrows which are nearly non-rounded are the indication of a sharp and analytical mind, with a propensity for thought and rationale.  You consider everything you say or do.  That being said, you are not afraid to call things as  they are, and tell people the truth to their faces, while others refrain from doing so.


Diagonal eyebrows

The greater the angle of your eyebrows, the more sensitive and passionate you are.  You always impress those people around you, and you are quite hard to forget.  You know very well what is important to you in life, and what you need to do in order to attain it as quickly as possible.


Nearly invisible eyebrows

This is a very rare occurrence – bright and thin eyebrows, of an uncertain shape.  This is a clear sign of insecurity and, as a result, shyness. Assertiveness is not your strong suit.  You will succeed if you just let go of your contemplations! 

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