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June 04, 2017

There are those who would say that Facebook has done wonderful things for mankind, and has connected people who otherwise would have no chance of ever meeting.  But despite the endless reasons the social network is considered good, even couples who have met through it can testify to the fact that sometimes it totally hampers a relationship, and sometimes even destroys it.  So why, actually, Facebook is not so good?


Here are 5 reasons why Facebook can be harmful to your relationship:


Sharing on Facebook will generally not be good for you

Sometimes sharing a seemingly innocent photo in the wrong place can be problematic, and even destructive to a relationship.  Whether it be a photo with your ex which suddenly pops up, or a photo that catches you "red handed" telling a white lie, anything can lead to arguments and fights which can be unpleasant at best and fatal to your relationship at worst.


Photos of other couples can cause jealousy

It's no secret that our lives look much rosier on the pages of Facebook.  Looking at photos of couples who are seemingly happy can easily get you rethinking your own relationship.



Catching up with each other through your feeds instead of in person

Many couples spend a lot of time together, when they are actually apart.  The common situation, in which a couple sitting in the living room is scrolling down their Facebook pages instead of developing a conversation, can be very harmful to their relationship.


Facebook hurts your intimacy

Many of us tend to take our phones into the bedroom.  Surfing around in Facebook before going to sleep is tiring, causes us to not show signs of affection, closeness and love to one another, and has us falling asleep worn out and tired.


Visiting your ex's profile page

The ease with which we can get updates regarding our ex's lives makes us think about them a lot more than is probably healthy for our current relationship.  In addition, in extreme cases their accessibility can lead to actions that, by just making a few keystrokes, can destroy our current relationship.


As we wrap this up, take small piece of advice from us – get your eyes off the screen, put in a little less Facebook time and more personal time.  And if you have forgotten to tell your partner "I love you", then now's the time.


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