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What Are Men Really Looking For In A Woman?

June 05, 2017

On the face of it, it sounds obvious – you should be beautiful, attractive and pleasant.  But it turns out that men are much more sophisticated than that, and are looking for a wide variety of things. 

So we decided to treat you and reveal what it is that men really want but probably won't tell you:


Self Confidence

Many men claim that self-confidence in a woman is sexy and desirable, so even if you are not really overflowing with self-confidence, a bit of self-convincing will quickly do the trick.  Self-confident women are generally strong women, and whether or not they admit it, most men prefer a strong woman by their side in the long run.



This may surprise some of you, but the first thing most men are looking for is the mind behind your beautiful face.  Of course there are also those who feel threatened by women who are more educated than they are, but most men love intelligence and education.


Trust and Compliment

Many men prefer a woman who trusts and compliments him to a jealous woman – it is more encouraging and less straining.  Remember to trust and compliment your man, whether it be towards him or towards his friends.  That way he will know that you trust him and your relationship.



Despite the fact that every man wants to keep his woman to himself, many men appreciate an independent woman.  Women who demand and also give personal space are women who give confidence to their man, and to themselves as well.


Natural Appearance

Many men prefer a woman with who has a natural look, but it is important that her look be well maintained and not neglected.  Makeup and other decorations are for us women only, but as far as men are concerned you can do away with them.



Many men are afraid to commit, because they are afraid they may lose interest.  That is why they are looking for someone who will successfully continue to tempt their curiosity over time, so that the flames of love will continue to burn forever, or at least for a long time.




As opposed to what is accepted, men prefer seductive and suggestive looks and not necessarily direct looks which tell all.  That way they will be more surprised.  An implied look, an exposed shoulder strap, will do the job much better.


To Be Pampered

Even the toughest man would always like to be pampered.  A pampered man does not necessarily have to be a demanding man who only likes to receive, but rather the opposite – it is sure to make him want to give back, and a lot!


So the next time you meet a new man, stop playing games!  Be you, full of self-confidence in yourself and in who you are.  Don't be afraid to show that you are intelligent and independent.  Come as you are, and don't spend two hours in front of the mirror… and most importantly, compliment him (because men love that, and it will have him sold on you) and continue to be interesting and mysterious even after the tenth date!


One last tip for you - surprise him with a well thought out meal, or a special date.  For some reason, we have become used to the fact that the man is the one who needs to pamper the woman, so while you're at it surprise him…


Please get back to us and let us know how it was… good luck!



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