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What Do Your Breasts Say About You?

June 05, 2017

Breasts! These eye-catching pairs obviously come in different shapes, sizes and forms. What you may not know about these “jewels” is that they can say so much about you. Here we explore the different shapes of breasts and what they say about you as a person.


Far Apart Breasts

Breasts that are far apart do not touch in any way. This defines an ice queen who is cold, just like her breasts are to each other.

Close Together Breasts

Breasts that are close to each other signify a loving personality. She delights in making people feeling warm and at home, just as each breast does to the other.

Pancake Breasts

Pancake breasts are flat like real pancakes and their owners tend to fall flat likewise. Be careful girls!

Pear Shaped Breasts

Breasts that fuller down than up are pear shaped breasts. This interesting shape is seen through a lady’s personality and she is mostly assertive.

Elf Shoe Breasts

You have an elf shoe breast if your breasts tilt upwards at the end. Just like the funny elf shoe, you are most likely witty and playful if you have this kind of breasts.

Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts are not equal in any way. It just means you’re different from the rest like your asymmetrical breasts. You are quite exceptional, but for the right reasons.

Perfectly Even Breasts

If your breasts are identical and perfectly symmetrical, you are likely a perfectionist. You are a stickler for perfection in everything you do, just like your perfectly formed breasts. 

Saggy Breasts


Saggy breasts are breasts that are loose and fallen. Saggy breasts are sad breasts so you might feel sad often, just like it. But you don’t have to stay sad; a smile will light your face up and lift it naturally.

Perky Breasts

Perky breasts reflect in pert individuals. You are confident and always in high spirits.

Very Round Breasts

A lady with full and round breasts loves to be noticed. She wants everything to revolve around her. Her boobs have a shape that’s highly appealing and so she also desires to feel wanted likewise.

Empty Breasts

Empty breasts have plenty skin but with a lot of vacuum. A woman with empty breasts feels like there is a certain void in her life sometimes but she can choose to fill it up with meaningful actions.

Fake Breasts

A lady with fake breasts of any shape and size is not real, just like her breasts.

Pointy Breasts

Pointy breasts are forward charged. A woman with these breasts is optimistic and full of life. She is also charming and not afraid to take on daunting tasks.

Small Breasts

A woman with small breasts has enough freedom as she is not limited by the weight of heavy breasts. She makes up for her flat-chest with a vivacious spirit and can be anything she wants to be.

Gigantic Breasts

This is a case of the bigger the better. A woman with massive breasts usually has a matching massive personality. She loves to be seen and heard at the same time.


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