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These Three Exercises Will Save You From Your Dependence On Food

June 06, 2017

In many cases we eat simply because we feel bad, we are looking for love or we are just lonely.

Here are some very effective exercises that will help you get rid of negative emotions and the stubborn desire to have that extra slice of pizza, another hamburger or one more cookie.



Why do people get fat?

All too often we allow ourselves to eat without limitation, because that is the simplest and safest way to enjoy ourselves.  After eating large amounts of candy, we forget about our commitments or quarrels that we have had.  When a person tries to be perfect around those who surround them, food becomes the only refuge that can rid them of their negative feelings.


But let's think about it – what can we do in order to not be so dependent on food?


Make a list of things that give you pleasure

Write down everything that gives you pleasure – both mental and physical.  Everything but food.  Now try to apply the list – massages, fragrant baths, going for a run – anything that will take your mind off of food.




Wait 8 more minutes

As soon as you begin to feel that the kitchen is calling you, even if you are not hungry, start the following exercise:  Instead of opening the refrigerator, tell yourself "I'll eat in 8 minutes" and not a minute before!  Prepare a list of chores that you could do during those 8 minutes and start doing them.  The desire to snack will disappear while you are busy doing your chores.


Break the mechanism!

A love-hate relationship with food is probably related to traumatic incidents in your life.  Try to find this mechanism and break it.  Poor sleep, insults, too much workload, spikes in your hormone levels – all of these can cause excessive eating.  Try to avoid them or to distract yourself.


If there is marital stress, simply talk to each other.  Speak with each other about those things that have gone unsaid.  This will help lower the mental stress and arrive at a solution.



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