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Washing Your Hair Every Day? You Are Damaging Your Hair!

June 06, 2017

Our hair is nourished by secretions of the scalp which are found all around the scalp.  Washing our hair daily destroys this protective layer and leaves the hair dry, brittle and lifeless.  Not only that, but if your scalp tends to be dry, shampooing your hair frequently will cause dandruff.


Why does our hair get oily so quickly?

Even women whose hair has a tendency to be oily, it is not recommended to shampoo every day – that same protective layer gets washed away and the oil producing glands begin producing at an accelerated rate.


So, what can you do to stop shampooing every day?


Try to gradually space apart your hair-washing days.  Don't be tempted to use dry shampoos.  If your hair feels oily (temporarily) then just put it in a ponytail.


Try touching your hair as little as possible, and change your hairstyle.


Temporarily stop using gel mousse or hair spray, as well as other means of changing the way your hair looks.


After shampooing, make sure you rinse out every last bit of the shampoo and conditioner, otherwise there is a chance that within 12 hours your hair will start to look oily.




Always shampoo your hair at least twice.  Use a shampoo that is suitable to your hair type.


It is recommended to shampoo with softer water.  You can add a bit of baking soda to the water you use.


Rinse in lukewarm water.  When exposed to very hot water, the oil producing glands begin working overtime.


After shampooing you may rinse your clean hair with a chamomile or nettle solution.


It is possible that your hair is oily as a result of your diet.  Try to refrain from eating foods that cause increased production of cutaneous oil – fatty foods, fried foods, sugar and other dough-based foods.


After shampooing you can rinse your hair in lemon water – mix the juice of one lemon with a pint of cool water.


It is important to note that if, despite taking these preventive measures, there is no improvement in your condition, you should contact a dermatologist in order to rule out a medical problem.

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