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11 Simple Exercises That Will Help You Freshen Up After A Long Work Day!

June 06, 2017


This science is called Kinesiology.  Studies show that Kinesiological exercises improve brain activity, help maintain concentration and verbal abilities, and can synchronize the activities of the two hemispheres of the brain.  Also, they wake us up and reduce stress!


15 minutes a day and your life will change beyond recognition.  Go ahead and try it!


The Monk

A great way to rest after work.  While sitting (although this exercise is also possible while standing or lying down), the legs must be touching, but not be crossed.  Raise your hands to chest height and touch the fingers of both hands to each other (finger to finger) as if you are holding a ball.  Look down, and hold your tongue between your teeth.  Hold this position for a few minutes until you yawn.  This exercise reduces mental and physical stress, is calming and improves the activity in all four lobes of the brain.


The Energizer

This exercise will help you relax your shoulder and neck muscles, will enrich your blood with oxygen and will activate your balancing mechanism.  It is suitable for people who work sitting down by a computer.  Cross your hands and lay them in front of you on the table.  Touch your chin to your chest.  Feel how your shoulders are released and your back stretches.  Take a deep breath and let your head fall back, while expanding your chest.  Exhaling, return to the starting position.  If you repeat this exercise regularly, you will soon feel your tiredness disappear.


Forehead Top-Of-The-Head Correction

This exercise will help you during an anxiety attack, during a time of insecurity or stress.  Place one hand behind your head and the other on your forehead.  Breathe deeply and concentrate.  Now is the time to voice your problem.  You can do so out loud or you can just think about it.  If you feel the need to yawn, it is an indication that your body is letting go of the negative tension.



The Elephant

This exercise activates all of the body's systems and increases concentration.  It allows you to expand your mental limits.  Place your left ear on your left shoulder, while your other hand is stretched forward, as if it is an elephant's trunk.   Use the extended hand to draw the number 8 in the air.  Begin with a counterclockwise motion from the center of your field of vision.  During the exercise follow your fingertips.  Then repeat on the other side.  Do this exercise slowly, repeating 4 to 5 times on each side.



This exercise is especially loved by children.  Carrying out a normal operation with the opposite hand creates new synapses between brain cells.  Grab the tip of your nose with your left hand, and your left ear with your right hand.  Simultaneously release both hands, clap them and reverse hands.  Repeat this exercise a number of times.


Mirror Image

To carry out this exercise you will need a sheet of paper and two pencils.  Begin by drawing symmetrical shapes simultaneously with both hands, each being the mirror image of the other.  You can also draw letters and numbers.  This exercise allows for a release of tension from the hands and eyes.  Moreover, the coordinated activity carried out by different lobes of the brain makes the actions more efficient.



This is an excellent exercise for reducing mental stress, increases concentration and returns us to a state of psycho-emotional balance.  Sit on a chair, cross your legs and place your left ankle on your right leg. Cross your arms.  Your right wrist should be on your left wrist.  Hold your hands together into a "lock" so that your right thumb is above your left one.


Flip your hands out at chest height, with your fingers facing up.  Keep your head straight, look up, and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  Stay in this position for 3 to 5 minutes until you yawn.



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