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There Are No Excuses! Get Rid Of That Belly Fat

June 07, 2017


A bulging or flabby stomach is a common cause of dissatisfaction women have with their bodies, and leads to complexes.  It is advisable to start taking care of your flabby stomach when you are in the right mood.  It is important to understand that the problem should not be ignored – it needs to be solved.  There is no more room for excuses based on lack of time or lack of strength.

It is important that you devote at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.  And most importantly – believe in your strength.  If you have a goal and the willpower to achieve it, you will succeed.


The next step is to make a change in your diet. 
A properly planned menu contains fiber, proteins and carbohydrates.  Fiber is able to give your body the illusion of being full, while protein is important for building up muscle.

A good breakfast includes a bit of low fat cheese, lunch should include chicken or turkey, and dinner must be a light meal, and may consist only of fruits and vegetables.  It is also recommended to include oatmeal in your breakfast menu.



Another healthy addition to your diet is homemade yoghurt. 
Fresh yoghurt contains many vitamins and nutrient-rich substances.  It is important not to eat too much before sleep, because large portions may create an overload in your stomach.  The portions you eat during the day should be similar in size.  You should drink as much liquid as possible – at least 2 quarts a day.  It is very helpful to drink sugarless green tea, uncarbonated mineral water or tea infusions.


It is very important to run, jump rope or do brisk walking. 
You can diversify and add dancing, which is not only a great recreation, but also a physical workout.

In order to get rid of stomach flab, it is important that you do aerobic exercise.  Make sure to attend step class or any other aerobics class.  Massages with essential oils – eucalyptus oil and grapefruit oil -  are also recommended, of course.  Essential oils give the skin greater elasticity.


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