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Mysterious Bug Bites Dad As He Takes Out The Trash. Days Later, ‎Strange Bruises Appear On His Arm

August 02, 2017

Basically, for someone allergic to pretty much any bug bite, this is my absolute worst nightmare.

For one Arizona man going about his daily life, a sharp sting on his arm proved to be a life-changing experience.

As he was taking out the trash one day back in July 2017, Thomas Jay from Chandler didn’t recognize the bug that bit him as it he’d never seen one before. Its sting left him with a small red puncture wound that soon started to get worse.

Thomas’s wife, Dee Petrov, set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for her husband’s medical treatment, stating that the bite “became an emergency in a matter of hours,” that had the couple rushing into urgent local care before being seen at two other hospitals within twenty-four hours.

Ten days after the incident, almost the entire length of Thomas’s arm is still covered with severe bruising, and according to Thomas, an “excruciating pain” that moves from place to place at different times.





As of yet doctors still can’t identify exactly which type of bug the culprit is nor why its bite would cause such a strange reaction. According to reports, Thomas’s wife claims that the bug may have resembled something from the Solifugae family, often known as camel spiders, which are indigenous to warm, dry regions. As Thomas’s story has spread, others have come forward with possible suggestions and tales of their own experiences that could help properly identify just what type of bug was responsible.

Dee says that Thomas is not doing better. He’s also agreed to help with a case study that will hopefully help doctors provide accurate diagnoses and treatments for others who are bitten in future by this mysterious bug.


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