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A picture for the album! the beautiful vacation shots that will stun you– all shot ‎with a mobile phone

August 31, 2017

These set of vacationers took their ingenuity to a new pedestal with fabulous holiday shots.

These pictures took all over the globe, indicates the power of creativity no matter little it may appear

These fabulous images were taken under the sea, in the desert, and on sun-drenched beaches 

Preparing to go on a summer holiday and hoping to make some indelible moments?  You may want to take a hint from this fantastic holiday camera work.

Take your minds of the common beach shots and artsy iced coffee shots, these vacationers have surpassed that level.

Scenes such as astonishing dusks to a sensational ocular illusion taken in the far-flung location, these stupefying vacation shots will continually mesmerize you. ( all shots were taken via a mobile device.)


Boys and girls, Men and women have taken time out to sharing their most exciting holiday shots, not neglecting the incredible optical illusions done with series of props to fashion an astounding snap like this one taken in Brazil

Most of the pictures were shot with mobile devices under the sea, plus this fabricated mermaid-esque snap from the ocean's floor

Throw in some stylish and clever pose with the right angle, a startling optical illusion can be generated - this person's sunset snapshot demonstrates it was worth it.

We are uncertain how many times this shot was taken before the perfect one was gotten but no matter, the result shows, it was worth every second.

Couples long and desire to take some romantic holiday pictures so that they immortalize that moment for years to come. This particular image does just that.

This snapshot of two relaxed men from Lake Hodges relaxing, kicking back and forth above their infinity pool attests to the fact that timing really is paramount when it comes to capturing that perfect picture.


A band of friends made a holiday photo to immortalize some beautiful moment.

This unbelievable snapshot from Pirates Cove in Zante, which may make your heart beat a million times if you have a fear of heights, was captured on an HTC phone

The folks who took these photos demonstrate that all you need is a prop, a model, a steady hand and a perfect or balanced camera placement

Everyone has taken to social media to express their feelings about astonishing holiday shots.

snapshots were tendered from all over the world, including sunlit beaches and stunning Arabian deserts 

Forget generic beach shots and artsy iced coffee shots, these vacationers have taken their creativity to new levels

A lot of people, like this lady on the shoreline in Brazil, utilized the snaps as a golden opportunity to display her  athletic ability 

You might be fooled to think that these photos were by professionals with a high-resolution camera but surprisingly, it was taken with an HTC phone.

As this photo of a gaggle of women seemingly being stepped on during a trip to Laguna Beach attests, it all comes down to the camera angle of the shot.


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