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A Newborn The Size Of A Tub Of Butter Salvaged By Bubble Wrap

August 31, 2017

A baby boy as big as a tub of butter was saved after mum went into early contractions when she travelled  via air for a hen do was saved by bubble wrap.

The 34-year-old mother, Coby Foster had relished a healthful first pregnancy when she flew to Melbourne for the bachelorette party in January at 25 weeks pregnant.



Suddenly, the Queensland lawyer could not understand what was happening in her belly. She started to experience pain in her belly some minutes after landing for the blowout. It turned out to be contractions.

Brisbane-born mother of one greeted her baby son Jenson into the world two days later. But the baby boy came three months early.  He weighed just 760g (27oz) and measuring a tiny 28 centimeters (11in) long– the size of a lump of butter.

Her baby boy battled series of illness such as lung disease, jaundice, and numerous blood transfusions during his four months at the hospital.  During this period, baby Jenson survival was ensured thanks to the swift thinking of medical staffs at the hospital. They used bubble wrap to ensure he is warm at all time.

 Now, baby Jenson has eclipsed seven months. He is his home for good in May this year. The mother said: “ I felt sickly the night before the flight. It never crossed my mind that the baby would come early.   My pregnancy was absolutely perfect before I boarded the flight.

“I contacted my friend to drive me to the Royal Women’s Hospital because the hen‘s party was the following day at the Australian Open.  I needed everything to be perfect before the big day tomorrow. 

“It felt like a bad joke when they told me labor kick off soon. I was terrified out of my wits.  Funny thing is, I was not scared for myself but for the baby. I felt baby Jenson would not survive.

“when I first saw him, I was shocked. He looked so tiny and delicate. He was not what the baby I pictured in my mind.  He was probably a little bigger than a block of butter.

 “It was frightening looking at my baby so tiny and attached to so many machines, his skin was thin and delicate. He was literally fighting for his life.

“When I saw the doctors using bubble wraps to cover him, I was shocked. I had never seen such in my whole life.”

Coby’s flight arrived in Melbourne at around 5 pm on January 20, however,  a couple of hours later she was admitted to the hospital. The doctors told to calm her nerves that would definitely go into labor within a couple of days.

The doctors did everything to hold up Jenson’s birth. the hen and three besties from the party thought she had skipped out on the original plan. But when they found out about her predicament, they came to her ward to support her.


Her partner, Dave Kettle, a 35-year-old real estate agent, abandoned everything and flew over to be by his partner’s side.  20 minutes after he arrived at the hospital, baby Jenson was born.



Coby recalled, “On Saturday,  my girlfriends came to see me. They kept me company all through this period.

“When Dave arrived, the nurse informed him I was in getting ready for birthing,  he had to make haste.”

Because my baby boy came too early, he had to fight, fight really hard to stay alive.

He required an oxygen ventilator and antibiotic drips.  a tube was passed into his stomach to give him nutrients and steroids. For a number of days, he underwent phototherapy to treat jaundice.

He was also given caffeine every day to help him breathe easier. The doctors enveloped his tiny body in bubble wrap to keep him warm.

Jenson was nurtured back to top health in the hospital for a period four months.  The mother had to stay in town, while Dave was traveling back and forth every weekend to see his partner and son.

When it was time to fly home,  Jenson had to be medically transferred home. Coby could not go with them because she caught a cold a few days before the flight. Jenson had to travel without his mother back home but his father.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service crew flew Jenson and father to Brisbane’s Mater Hospital. A week later, the family went home.

Now, baby Jenson is seven months old. He weighs 5kg.  though,  Jenson is yet to completely overcome some health problems like, chronic lung disease, he perfect health is only a matter of time.

Coby said: “Jenson looks happy and elated.  He is perfectly okay now.  how healthy he looks still stuns everyone.

“We are so proud of him. I didn’t know babies were so strong until now. Our Jenson is such a fighter. He’s our little miracle.”


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