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Thoughtful Brother Comforts Crying Little Sister Scared Of A Car Wash

August 31, 2017

A terrified little girl cries in the car while in the car wash. Luckily for her, she has her big brother with her at the backseat to comfort her she cries to go home.

 Alyssa rode the family car steadily into the car wash. Surprisingly, little Raleigh began to cry. She wanted to go home but her big brother, Declan was there to quickly dissipate her fears and calm her down.





Alyssa said: “I did not quickly realize how terrified she was. By the time I did, there was no going back. There were lines of cars behind us already. The only way out was to complete the wash.

“Her cry has always been deafening. I couldn’t help but notice her reaction to the car wash incident. Declan supported her emotionally which was so cute.

“He is so gentle and loving with his sister. This is probably the first time exhibited her a strong consciousness of her environment.

“Some weeks later,  I needed have the car washed again. This time, she was also with me. I actually thought she was sleeping until she woke up.


“like before, there was a line of cars behind us. I put her on my lap, rather,  she was frightened and demanded to go back to the seat. She buckled up as if she was preparing for an impending doom.

 “I told her she was the most courageous person I know when we got through. 



She smiled at me and looked proud. Later, We visited Disneyland that week. At first, I thought she would be frightened to go on the rides, but I was wrong, she loved them, surprisingly,  it was Declan that stayed off.

“Deco is a very thoughtful brother. He is always trying to cheer her up when she is sad. He is very thoughtful and assured of his ability to put a smile on her face when she is sad.

“He is a little tough with her, but she has complete faith in him. He keeps an eye on her mood and he is very protective of her”


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