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A real home away from home: Freshmen turn their drab dorm into a luxury pad with incredible ‎‎$2,400 makeover complete with faux brick walls

August 31, 2017

Two college freshmen at Texas State University will be lounging in luxury this semester after giving their 16x16 square-foot dorm room an incredible makeover.

Skylar Bantz and Adeline Vela spent 10 hours decorating their dorm room in a residence that has the nickname of 'Scary' Sterry Hall.



With the help of six other friends and family members they moved truck-fulls of furniture into the small space.

The transformation wasn't cheap. The 18-year-old freshmen spent $1,200 each to get the room of their dreams.

Their new home is complete with a faux brick wall, two loft beds with customized headboards, white dressers, a TV, mini-fridge and coffee station, as well as two faux marble desks and a vanity.

Skylar's mom, Sheila Ybarra, posted before and after photos on Facebook that have received heaps of praise and even sparked some jealousy from alumni.

Impressive dorm room makeover cost the two college roommates $1,200 each



A marble printed flame-retardant removable wallpaper covers the girls' desks. They used the same sticker-like wallpaper for a faux brick wall

The loft bed added four extra feet, leaving room for a dresser, television, printer, mini-fridge, and coffee machine

The desk chairs that came with the room are sitting in storage at a friend's home. They've been replaced with clear monogram seats

Neither of the roommates had seen the 16x16 square-foot room prior to move-in day but were only given the dimensions.

Skylar, a biology major, and Adeline, a psychology major, decided to be roommates after meeting in an online chat group.


They spent the summer coordinating through group texts with their mothers. Skyler's mom, Sheila, helped pioneer the makeover and said they started with a blank canvas, came up with a color palette they liked and hit the stores.

'We had to come to the room prepared with a lot of vision and just cross our fingers that it would work! We were lucky it did,' Sheila said.

The bulk of items, including bedspreads, pillows, and furniture were purchased at retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and IKEA. Other decorations were ordered on Amazon.

Perhaps the biggest attraction in the room is the faux brick wall made from flame-retardant removable wallpaper that acts like a sticker. The same wallpaper covers their desks with a sleek marble pattern.



To save space, the girls swapped out furniture and replaced it with rented loft beds, provided by an outside retailer recommended by the university. The beds offer four feet of added space underneath where their dressers, TV, printer, mini-fridge and coffee station sit.

The original desk chairs that came with the room are being stored at a friend's home since being replaced by clear monogram seats.

Skylar's family drove three hours in a rented SUV to haul the decorations and furniture from Houston. Adeline came two hours from Waco loaded with items.

Sheila said that it was an exhausting day for everyone, especially having to continually walk up four flights of stairs to move in. Because the dorm is so old, there are no elevators and 'that was the hardest part about decorating'.

The team of eight even cleaned off black mold that was growing on a vent.

To make the place feel extra homey, they added tons of light. But after a room check, they had to remove one hanging lamp because it was a fire hazard.

Comments from former Sterry Hall residence expressed shock and admiration for the 50-year old dorm. One user commented 'I used to live in Sterry Hall and this goes to show what creativity and a little TLC can do to a room.' Another Facebook user said: 'I stayed in these dorms back in 2007 for a week for cheer camp and they haven't changed. That's totally made them cool.'

The University has even contacted the girls about taking pictures of the room for their website.

In a Facebook comment Skylar, who's also a teenage beauty queen, said: 'Both me and my roommate are super happy with how it turned out.' 


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