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Honey, What’s That Dripping Through The Ceiling? Couple Stunned To Find Huge Bee Hive In The Attic

September 03, 2017

A couple were left stunned when a mysterious “sticky substance” started to appear in the light fittings of their Grade II listed 18th Century home.

Investigating further, they soon discovered that it was actually HONEY that was now seeping through their property in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England, earlier this month.

The couple, who do not wish to be identified, soon found the sweet “sticky substance” coming through the ceiling of one of their bathrooms. It was then that they realized their attic was home to a very busy hive of bees.



Notifying Ecclesiastical Insurance, they eventually had the hive removed and the ceilings replaced.


 "Claims for this type of damage in older properties are relatively common,’ said David Bonehill, claims director for the company.  "Usually leaking pipework is the cause rather than honey. A small drip of water or any liquid substance can cause huge amounts of damage if left for a long period of time, so we advise all of our clients to regularly check rooms that are not in use, for signs of water or other damage."



A spokeswoman for Ecclesiastical added: "The couple noticed a patch and on closer inspection they could see that the substance was sticky and coming through the light fixtures. They also noticed a lot of bees around the house and at this point sought an expert view. The bees expert made a hole in the ceiling and discovered the huge hive."


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