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So Far No One Was Able To Watch This Entire Video Without Smiling More Than Once

September 05, 2017

Sharing the exciting news of a pregnancy with a young child who is going to become a big brother or sister can go a number of ways.

In this case, five-year-old Ethan has the best reaction to his mom Sarah revealing the surprise that she’s pregnant.


Sarah recorded the magic moment in the car, when she handed Ethan an card containing the first photos from her ultrasound appointment. While she knew he’d be happy to welcome a little brother or sister, she couldn’t have expected that his reaction would go viral online.

His initial response, however, is a bit of confusion as, after looking at the images, he says, “It’s me!”

Once his mom explains that its actually his new little brother or sister, he looks at the photo and says, “Is that your baby? Is it in your belly?” then shouts excitedly, “I’m going to be a new big brother!”

Ethan is overcome with joy and can hardly tell if this bit of news is true or not. Sarah has to convince him several times that it’s indeed true, reminding him that he will have a bit of a wait before the baby arrives.


Ethan even says, “I hope you’re not joking,” before offering, “he can sleep in my bed…if he wants.”

He gives the pictures another look and seems almost like he can’t believe the news, asking again if the baby is inside mum’s belly.


Toward the end of the video, he says, “I can hold it!” and just seems overwhelmed with happiness, giving a big thumb’s up and a smile.

Those leaving comments on the video were smitten with the boy’s reaction, with one person noting: “What a lovely non-selfish little boy. He’s focused on the baby, his mother’s health (‘Is that why you’re breathing too much? Does it rumble?’). Great vocabulary too. Looks like someone has done an excellent job of child-rearing here.”

Another person commented: “This just made my year. He is such a kind boy. ‘Is that why you breathing too much?’ I can’t stop laughing! Congrats!”

Others loaded on the praise, with comments such as: “Your baby boy is such an intelligent, loving big brother, extremely cute, adorable, and good son! How I wish I can have like yours in future,” and “Ethan said to mum, his sister can sleep in his room if she wants…He is so polite, so kind and so adorable. One can see Ethan is being brought up to be a refined and lovely person. What an excellent job you have done Sarah!”





There’s a follow up video showed Ethan with his sister, Macie, and it’s about as cute as you could imagine, given his excitement over the news of a sibling. The video description notes: “Such a good big brother. Loves being silly with her and making her laugh.” The two lay on the floor together while Ethan cuddles up to her, talking to Macie and making her giggle.

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