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If you put a clothespin on your earlobe for 5 seconds, this is the incredible effect

November 22, 2016

If you don’t have the money or time for a full body massage, then ear reflexology may be the way to go. There’s different pressure points within the ear that relieves stresses and eases symptoms in certain areas of your body according to board certified reflexologist, Richard Randig.

Pain relief as well as addiction is said to be treatable by ear massage, as well as other health issues. According to Randig, since the ears are so close to the brain, this type of massage will work very well. There are specific techniques to use in order to trigger the benefits. These are described in the video.

Give ear reflexology a try next next time you feel like you need a massage or have need for relief in certain areas of your body.



You can start by sitting down in a chair, pulling your hair up if need be, then gently press your ear lobes and pull them downwards. Remember to do this gently. Trace the outer edges of your ears numerous times.

Pay attention to the rest of your body as you touch your ears. Notice any pain or irritation while squeezing the ear. Hold pressure for five seconds per spot. Before moving on to the next ear, repeat this five times.


A clothes pin is another technique that is used. This is used on each of six pressure points on the outer ear. Each is for five seconds. With this technique, you are putting pressure on the lobe of the ear and easing headaches. Pressure points on the outer ear can help ease stomach issues, sinuses, as well as back and shoulder issues.

Check this video explaining about ear reflexology:



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