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Who is Secretly in Love With You?

The time has come to find out who your secret admirer really is!
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Which relationship has a better chance to succeed?

Relationship with someone you've been with long time ago
Relationship with someone you've worked with
Relationship with someone who lives close by
Relationship with someone you've recently met
Relationship with someone you used to hate
Relationship with someone who knows you very well
Relationship with someone famous

Complete the following sentence: I see myself as someone who is ________

None of these

What do you value most in a significant other?

Sense of Humor
Something Else

You have a tendency to date people whom you meet _____

At bars
At work
Through friends
Somewhere else

Which of these date activities would you prefer?

Hanging at a bar
Going to the movies
A romantic dinner
Sunset at the beach
Chatting over coffee
Ain't nobody got time for that!

How would you describe your current love life?

It’s Complicated.
It is full of passion and lust.
What love life?
I’m in a serious relationship.
I’m dating a few people, but no one special.
I prefer to spend time alone.

Pick a famous couple...

Jay Z & Beyonce
Kate & William
Justin & Britney
Bill & Hillary
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Bonnie & Clyde

How would you finish this sentence? "Life is too short to ____."

deal with haters
wake up with regrets
make excuses
not be yourself
waste time

Which of these do you want to accomplish before you die?

Starting a family
Traveling the world
Earning lots of money
Making a difference
Becoming famous
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