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What color is your future?

If you are curious about what lies ahead - this quiz is for you.

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It is hard for me to imagine my life a couple of years ahead:

The future is dictated primarily by:

My destiny
The people beside me
My decisions
The way I will face challenges

I think dreams can predict reality:

The right sentence to describe the future:

Some things are hidden
Everything is for the best
Tomorrow is another day
The future is full of surprises

Most important in life:

Family and friends
Self satisfaction and fulfillment
To like you job
To stay optimistic
Health, all the rest is extra

I think it's important to dedicate time for leasure:

Who has time?!
I'd like to dedicate more time
I'm OK as I am

I have many regrets for things I did:

In the next five years I would like to focus on:

My family
A relationship
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