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What does your wardrobe say about you?

If you really want to know a woman, all you have to do is to check her wordrobe
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Which dress will you choose to wear to the Academy Awards ceremony?

Choose a color:

You recieved a significant amount of money, but you can spend it on only one item. What will it be?

A unique designer dress
Vintage handbag and jewelry
Designer shoes
A set of diamond jewelry

Choose a print:

If you were to catch someone's eye with a single item, what would that item be?

A large pendant
A fashionable hat
A silk scarf
A shiny handbag

Your favorite item in your wordrobe is:

The one that carries great memories
The one that brings out the better sides of me
I don't have items I'm emotional about
The one I'm most comfortable with

Most important in fashion: 


Choose choes:

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