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What type of parent are you?

Spoiling or educating? Friendly or strict? Answer this quiz and learn what type of parent you are.
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The first day at Kindergarten is stressful mainly for:

The parents
The children
The teacher
Not stressful at all

Parents should give their children:

Education and good manners
Support and attention
Joy and love of life
All of the above

If your child asks for an expensive birthday present:

I will explain why it is not necessary
I will do my very best to buy it
A child must get whatever he wants for his birthday
Try to understand how much it is really important to him, and consider accordingly

Your child flunked a test. What will you do?

Whatever it takes to make him forget it
Explain it doesn't really matter
Prepare him better for the next test
Think together how to avoid flunking tests in the future

What time is bed time on holidays? 

Same as school nights
There is no bed time on holidays
A little later than usual
I have no idea when they go to sleep

You didn't manage to prepare luch. What will you do?

Eat out, whatever they want
Buy a healthy meal
Prepare a meal together
Feed them some snack that will suffice till dinner

Ideal family activity for the weekend:

Spend time out at nature
Swimming pool or amusement park
Visit relatives
There is no place like home

Summer vacation is:

An endless nightmare
A great time to spend some time home with the kids
Time to practice school work
Time for a family vacatiom
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