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How Easy Is It to Confuse You? The Test That Will Drive You Crazy!

This test will drive you crazy. Don't believe your eyes!

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Question 1 of 10

Which point the gun is aimed to?

The green point
The red point
The yellow point
The blue point

Which line is longer?

The red line
The green line
Lines are of same length

Which point is in the center of the circle? 

The red point
The green point
Both points
None of the points

Which line is the continuation of the black line? 

The red line
The blue line
None of the lines

What do you see in the picture? 

A transparent mug
The reflection of the coaster on the mug

Which cylinder has a longer-diameter center cylinder? 

The left cylinder
The right cylinder
Both cylinders have identical centers

What do you see in teh picture? 

A stage on sand
A hole in the sand
A picture on sand

What color is the car? 


What do you see in the picture?

Burned toast
Kitchen sponge

How many birds do you see in the picture? 

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