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Which engagement ring reflects your personality?

Answer the quiz and find out which engagement ring best suits you

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Which word best describes you?

How interested are you in fashion?

Fashion is life!
I try to get out of the house up to date
I flip through Vogue sometimes
I find it a little shallow

Which look is your favorite? 

Natural and gentle
Extremely sexy

When I go out on a date, I....

Get all dolled up
Look sharp but classy
Put on a pair of Denim and a T-shirt, casual
I'm look best when I'm comfortable

How do you imagine you wedding? 

800 guests, a lot of show, me in the center!
I'm a princess for a day, everything so classy, beautiful and exciting
Intimate wedding on the beach with my loved ones

How would you like him to propose to you? 

A romantic gesture, just the two of us in an isolated location
A grand public proposal, with everybody watching!
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