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Is STYLE your middle name?

Check out how developed is your sense of fashion

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An hour, on a good hair day
Half an hour top and I'm out of here
Two hours, and I wish I had time to stop at the Hair Dresser
Flat in the morning, high heals in the evening
Flaps or sandals
I bought amazing shoes in my last visit to Paris
Whatever, as long as it's comfortable
A wedding - my family always has something to say
Work - what you wear is what you are
All the same - a pair of denim and a T-shirt
A night out - you never know who you'll meet...
A necklace from K-mart
Vintage sun-glasses
Rings, so many of them!
I am afraid to get fat if I answer this question
I don't get near chocolate!
Cream. Perfect together.
A dress or a long skirt, depends on my mood
Even if Trump comes by - I will not get out of my PJ
A training suit
An item from Christian Dior's latest collection
Kelly Clarkson
Naomi Campbell
Hillary Clinton
The are so many...
It's nice and warm?....
It's time to wear the flourish collection!
I go shopping
Dress all black, just like any other day
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