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What’s your chances to date Taylor Swift?

Answer a few questions to discover your chances with Taylor Swift

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Question 1 of 8
What watch do you wear?
I don’t
Sports watch
Apple Watch
How well kept are you?
Very Much! I even brushed my teeth this morning
More than caitlyn jenner
I remove hair from strategic areas
I can’t click just made my manicure
Who will be the first friend you’ll introduce:
The most successful one
The one who leave the closest
No one
To my drug dealer
Taylor is hungry. Where will you eat:
There’s a great hotdog place around the corner
I’ll preper a romantic dinner at home
Order the VIP room in a fancy restaurant
The biggest threat on America is:
Donald Trump
Who’s your roll model?
Chuck Norris
Leonardo Dicaprio
Vin Diesel
Neil Patrick Harris
What Your Favorite Music?
Hip Hop
The ideal first date:
Candle light dinner
Sunset picnic
All you can drink evening
Watching a movie
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