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What kind of mother are you?

Are you strict or are you friendly? Stressed or relaxed? What kind of mother are you?

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Question 1 of 8
What is the daily routine of your children?
Varies, depending on the day
Decide what they are doing in advance
How do you rest?
Coffee with friends
I find a quiet corner
I will rest when i'm dead
The best way to calm a child:
To read a story
Give him a bottle
Let him watch TV
“Mom, how do children come into the world?”
Through the Israeli Postal Service - that is why it takes 9 months
Through the stork - that is why you have fear of heights
Daddy and I really loved each other and that is how you were born
What are we buying for your 4th birthday?
When my child needs to be punished I:
Explain to him why he was in the wrong
That’s what dads are for
Send him to his room
In the parents WhatsApp group:
I respond only to critical issues
The group is on mute from the start
I am one of the most talkative moms in the group
Quality time with the kids:
Play social games
Homework time
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