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Top 10 Countries With the Most Beautiful Women in the World

August 28, 2016

There are many beautiful people in every part of the world, but it is known that some countries and nations have prettier girls as compared to the other places. Every woman is beautiful in unique way, but in accordance with a generally accepted standards, there are a few that stand out from the crowd and produce a remarkably conspicuous amount of beautiful women. Here you can find plenty of gorgeous and handsome women in a much higher proportion. It doesn’t mean the beauty is restricted to these countries only, still it’s true that beautiful women are found in every country of the world. Here is our list of top 10 countries where you can meet the most beautiful women
in the world.

10. Italy
The Italian women are extremely gorgeous. The elegance they carry with their outfits also adds to their incredibility. They are Mediterranean olive-skin with a very good dressing sense.


9. South Korea
These women possess innocent and appealing personalities. They look really attractive due to their innocent and cute looking face, with fair skins and medium heights.




9. Ukraine
Ukrainian women are among the most bold and beautiful women in the world. They are very hot, sexy and cute at the same time. Also these ladies are very similar in character, mentality and attitude towards life with Russians.


7. Argentina
These ladies are always beauty conscious. The young girls pay much attention on their skin and hair care and do their best to look hot and bold. This is why the overall girls of Argentina are charming enough. They are tall with a dusky skin. Women here always stay close to fashion trends.

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